How to print a digital sewing pattern
How to print a digital sewing pattern

How to print a digital sewing pattern

  1. Please make sure you have Adobe Acrobat reader installed. If you don’t have, please download at Adobe website.
  2. Avoid opening pattern file using Microsoft Edge as printer setting will not be accurate.
  3. Open the file, select your size at left side of the screen. Select only size you want to print. “Must Print” selection must be thick to ensure common info on pattern are printed as well.

4. Click on the Print icon. A pop-up window will appear.

  1. Make sure you select “Actual size”
  2. Orientation – Auto portrait/landscape
  3. If you want to save ink, select option as shown in the red box highlighted. This setting is depending on your printer model.
  4. Print only the page 1 first to make sure your setting is correct.

5. Measure the test box with your scale. If it is 1”, then you are printer are printing correctly.

6. Print the rest of the pages.

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